Thursday 21 March 2019

Achieving Your Daily Goals

For me, it has taken 21 years to realise that having some goals each week can make such a difference to your life. Even if it's something so small as just making your bed every day and making sure that your bedroom is tidy before leaving the house each morning. Sometimes I think it can just be the mindset that we are in that can hold us back from achieving our goals. Say you have a busy week ahead and on a sunday night you know you have so many different things to do.. for example ; making lunch for the next day, organising a school / work uniform, showering, painting your nails, tidying your room and say maybe watching the next episode of your favourite tv show.

I know that in my case from my list of "things to achieve that day" I would pick out two from that list... 1. Painting my nails and 2. watching the next episode of my favourite tv show. And I know that I would pick them because they require the least amount of effort... otherwise known as "laziness".
I've had to really disapline myself when it comes to achieviving all of my goals (check out Annie Jafferys 3 success tips video on youtube) her videos have really helped me over the past couple of months.

So now the way I look at it is, if I dont do it now it will only stress me out and in reailty cause more problems. One of the easiest ways I have managed to organise my to do list is by numbering each goal on a scale on 1-10, 10 being the "I really need to get this done today" and 1 being the "this really isn't that important and can wait until later". So going back to my list from eariler this is how I would list them.

. Oraganise Lunch For Tomorrow - 10
. Sort Out Clothes For Work Tomorrow - 10
. Tidying Room - 8
. Painting My nails - 4
. Watching The Next Episode Of My Favourite Tv Show - 2

So now we have an orgainsed "to do list" for the day. The next step is not procastanating. The way I do this is because in my head I know how satisfied and how clear my mind will feel once I have ticked off all of these goals for the day. Whereas if I procastanate I know that I will feel horrible, unmotivated and un-organsied.. which in reailty sets me up to have a bad day the next day.

My main tip is to take control of your goals and your life. Set yourself realistic goals that won't stress you out too much and number them from 1-10 and you'll start to see slight change and you will feel so much better when you realsie you can stick to your goals and achieve them everyday.. even if it is
just that you make your bed every morning, that means that every day even if you've had a bad day you will come home to a nice made bed to jump into :) ... A quote I like to go by these days.. " The man who says he cannot and the man who says he can are usually both right" :) I hope this helps someone even just a little bit!! Whats your tips for achieving your daily goals.. :)

I hope everyone is having a lovely day Xx

Tuesday 20 November 2018

The White Company - Christmas Gift Ideas

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Christmas once again is creeping up on us, pretty much less than one month to go until the big day. If you are anything like me you maybe.. sometimes are a bit guilty of rushing about and buying last minute presents on christmas eve which I am very guilty of. So this year (as well as every other year) I have told myself Im going to try to be more organised...

Im saying this - its currently November 20th and I still have not bought any christmas presents. However I was up in Glasgow at the weekend and managed to wonder into The White Company(I can not get enough of this shop at the moment everything is such good qualitly and the packaging is just so nice to look at as weird as that sounds, if you have one of the shops near you I would definitly reccommend having a wee look).
Honestly I was in my element with all the christmassy candles, little decorations and I also seen some little things that I thought could be good ideas for presents all of the items I show I really liked when I was In the shop... especially the perfume I would defintitly reccommend that it smells lovely. So I thought I would share these little present ideas - even better they are all under £30!!. If you also have some present ideas please leave them in the comments I would love to hear some more ideas :) X

Wednesday 8 August 2018

Skin Care Routine

Skin Care Routine

I have always had trouble with my skin ever since I was around 12 years old however I do suffer with acne and it comes and goes sometimes my skin can be doing really well for up to weeks at a time and then suddenly it's almost as if it all just appears at once. Holding down a good skin care routine is something that i have always struggled with - finding something that works correctly for my skin type. However over the past couple of months i would say since December 2017 I recently discovered Liz Earle Skin Care which is something that i had previously used before however not consistantly.

For Christmas i had recieved a gift set from Liz Earle which contacted the Cleanse and Polish with 2  cloths, the face toner which is honestly just amazing and feels so relaxing on the skin, along side a few other products such as an exfoliator etc.

I can honestly say that for my skin which struggles with acne and some acne scaring that these products work amazingly well for my skin type.

This product works so well and also along side the toner feels so refreshing on the skin - I usually find that leaving this product on my skin for around 5 minutes usually works best for myself and then just continue to rinse off using warm water (and the cloth which is optional) and then after doing so I just rinse my face quickly with cooler water to close the pores and then continue to using the toner... 

This is the toner that I have been using along side the cleanse and polish I find that this toner does a few things it does help with evening out the skin tone which is amazing - it also I find at night relaxes the skin and feels refreshing I usually apply this just before going to sleep and I find that the scent of it is very calming - however also at the opposite end I also find that in the morning this toner helps to awaken the skin and help you feel more awake. Overall these two products have really helped my skin over the past few months and if your like myself and have quite sensitive skin I would highly recommend these 2 products to add into your skincare routine :)

Monday 2 April 2018

New Beginings / Career Changes

Sometimes it's important to just take a break : If I have learned anything from this year so far it's that sometimes you just need to take care of yourself and selfishly put yourself first. Recently my work situation has took a bit of a turn for the worst, but if ive taken anything from it its that sometimes a change is exactly what you need in your career. So right now i have the option of what I want do to which to be honest feels like a lot of pressure but also feels nice having the option at the same time, do I apply for college, stay within hairdressing, work in a call center, work in a wee cafe somewhere. I really dont know what to do but I have come to the conclusion that instead of taking the sitation and worrying about it that everything happens for a reason and whatever I end up doing I might enjoy more than the job Im currently in.

Anyway I hope everyone has a nice day and If you are in the same situation as me sometimes a change is exactly what you need x