Monday, 2 April 2018

New Beginings / Career Changes

Sometimes it's important to just take a break : If I have learned anything from this year so far it's that sometimes you just need to take care of yourself and selfishly put yourself first. Recently my work situation has took a bit of a turn for the worst, but if ive taken anything from it its that sometimes a change is exactly what you need in your career. So right now i have the option of what I want do to which to be honest feels like a lot of pressure but also feels nice having the option at the same time, do I apply for college, stay within hairdressing, work in a call center, work in a wee cafe somewhere. I really dont know what to do but I have come to the conclusion that instead of taking the sitation and worrying about it that everything happens for a reason and whatever I end up doing I might enjoy more than the job Im currently in.

Anyway I hope everyone has a nice day and If you are in the same situation as me sometimes a change is exactly what you need x